Colleen M. GRIFFITH and Thomas H. GROOME (eds). Catholic Spiritual Practices: a Treasury of Old and New / Brewster Mass: Paraclete Press, pp 166. $18.99. ISBN 978-1-61261-246-1. Reviewed by Christopher RUPERT S.J., LaStorta Jesuit Residence, 2320 Liverpool Rd., Pickering, ON L1X 1V4.

This splendid little book contains three sections: Practices of Prayer, Practices of Care, and Practices of Spiritual Growth. Of its 28 short parts, 20 are reprints from popular Catholic publications. The others are especially written for this volume by its well-known educator-authors, Thomas Groome and Colleen Griffith.

Citing the titles of each section gives sufficient information about the book. Practices of Prayer focuses on The Lord’s Prayer, Praying with the Saints, The Jesus Prayer, Intercessory Prayer, Centering Prayer, the Rosary, and The Liturgy of the Hours. The second section, Practices of Care in its six parts explores Living the Sacramental Principle, Practicing Hospitality, Practicing Forgiveness, Family Life as Spiritual Practice, Dia de Los Muertos (remembering the dead), and Practicing Care for the Environment. The last section, Practices of Spiritual Growth, introduces the reader to The Ignatian Examen, Spiritual Direction, Retreats, Lectio Divina, Discernment, Eucharistic Adoration, the Angelus, Stations of the Cross, fasting, Thanksgiving After Communion, and (!), Spiritual Practice Goes Digital. The introduction, Catholic Spirituality in Practice, and the conclusion, Keep on Practicing, You’ll Get Better at It, bind the contents together cohesively.

New to the reviewer was the richness of internet resources for those wanting to know more about Catholic Faith Practices. Groome and Griffith deserve congratulations for assembling the very fine short articles that make up this book and supplementing them, where necessary, with their own experience. Catholic Spiritual Practices is an excellent book to whet parishioners’ appetites and deepen their faith.